A Teacher’s Gift

Caleb - Joplin, Missouri
Entered on April 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

My name is Caleb Spangler and I believe in teachers. For the past twelve years of my life, I have been taught things. From math problems to cirrus clouds, grammar to physical fitness, a group of friendly individuals who care about children have pushed information into my head with the hopes I will learn something. Now that my standard schooling years are drawing to a close, I realize I am about to be thrown headfirst into the dog eat dog business world of the 21st century. However, thanks to the knowledge I have obtained, I am not afraid.

When it comes to knowing things, I am a professional. “Caleb,” you might say, “How can you say that?” I will tell you. I have been in school for at least 1,036,800 minutes. For 1,030,000 of those, I was learning things from that same group of gracious citizens called teachers. An assemblage of people who chose a career path that is not based off income or fame, but on how many lives they can touch. Don’t get to mushy on me though, for the other 6, 800 minutes of school I was asleep.

During my high school years, many things have changed. I have learned a lot about the outside world through my teachers. Although there were some, mostly the things I learned were not from books; I have learned from seeing inside the actual people who my teachers are. I have juxtaposed personalities and interacted with some of the world’s most unbelievably caring people. Teachers have a colossal effect on students just like older siblings impact younger ones. I watch, laugh, cry and feel through my teachers. They have formed the outlook I have on life to this day and the memories I have, provided by my mentors, will carry me, honestly, until the day I die.

Careful though, you are getting gooey-eyed again. To be truthful, I have learned a lot of inappropriate things from those seemingly innocent educationalists too. However, my sense of humor and awareness of the way the world works would not be the same without that mischievous knowledge. Stepping out into the world an innocent, ignorant child would be the same as throwing a puppy to a pack of wolves. Preparation, in every aspect of the word, is what teachers are about and prepared is what I am. Bring on the wolves.

In a couple weeks I will no longer be a part of the high school education system. I will begin a well prepared for journey into the busy world of today. Looking back over twelve years of learning, I could not be more satisfied with my experience. The care and dedication that my teachers have shown for me all these years is nothing short of astonishing. As for what I have learned so far, I am not saying I know it all, I’m just suggesting, thanks to my teachers, I know almost everything.