THe Presiden mast be the strategist

Sergey - Salt Lake City, Utah
Entered on April 15, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe, that the President of USA should be the genius, at least the wonderful strategist. I believe, that last several decades there were mostly tactics. If not, we would not be in recession and credit crisis right now. Way, would you ask? IT is simple. The financial system of the USA stays on an ability of residents to pay they bills, consumer activity and willing to spend own money. All this financial markers are followed from the one simple parameter, which is payment to the population. If the population is underpaid it can be the situation of long-term consequences. Government can’t regulate the economics of free market by mandatory increasing of minimal wage. It should be natural mechanism of regulation. It is exactly what it is now. The job market of agriculture relights on cheep labor cost of illegal immigrants. They are inundating the country and get about 15-17% of the population of the USA. This sort of imperial way of damping of the agricultural products cost, which is in fact the new sort of slavery. Slaves in Europe got the small wage, household and families, but they have not the legal rights and ability to increase the income by legal way. They just burned out the houses of they owners. Anyway, they underpaid 17% of population give to the job market possibility not to increase the minimal wage in long term prospective. All economics become of the economics of underpaid employees. It is become clear, that it finally follow to the crisis of unpaid debts, foreclosures and financial losses. It would be prevented about 20 years ago just by wise regulation of immigration rules and operation. The agriculture sector should apply for the temporary visas for the season employees. They should pay the real salary for everybody and freed the modern “slaves” by giving them legal rights. That is way I believe, that the President of the USA should be mostly strategist, not only tactic.