I believe in giving

Anna - Long Beach, Mississippi
Entered on April 14, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I Believe in Giving

I believe that people should give back to society. For instance, if people do not gives or do any type of charity than there are no funds available for the people that are in needs. I was once very poor. I come to the United States without knowing how to speak English, having money, or any type of experience. I had to go to school daily to learn the language. I was struggling. The English language was so difficult. The pronunciation, the writing, and the speaking were even difficulties. But I did not have a choice. I knew if I work hard at it. I will be able to achieve it. Day by day has gone by I realize my English was getting better and better and I am as getting older, I knew that I had to make a decision in life and I did. I went to the church and hospital to volunteer. I knew by doing this I can get some grants to go to school and I did that. They had given me the grant that I need to go to school with. I was trill with the grant that they gave me. I finished school and went to work. It does not matter what kind of ethnic or background you are to give. It is rewarding when you give. You can change a person life. You also can give that individual an opportunity to either better themselves or provide them for the necessity in life. In another incident that had happen to me. When I just arrived to the United States. I did not have anything to wear. It was so happen that the people at church have notice that I have on the same outfit on every Sunday. The next day the priest visited my house seeing all seven of my brother, and sister clothes are all rip. The priest left and in a few days later every one of us has something new. I feel grateful that people are so generous of their giving not just their money, but also their time.