Expression is Key

Malcolm - Cambria Heights, New York
Entered on April 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Expression defines human existence. Humans are a collection of parts, organs, limbs, tissues, thoughts, ideals, feelings, needs, and wants that are expressed outwardly. This has shaped the world today. In 1903, the Wright Brothers expressed their ambitions and ideas by launching the first controlled, powered, and sustained human flight. Similar expressions are what allow us to express ourselves today.

Today, when everything is mass produced, and mass marketed, it’s hard to look different than the next guy. UGG boots are everywhere, Birkenstocks have taken over prep schools, and flats have become the new style. Expression originates from the brain. Letting others think for you is not expression. You will find yourself to be pitiful if you let someone else think for you. Today, a lot of the schools around America can be viewed as a collection of clones. Being in a state of looking like everyone else leaves little room to contrast from peers. Expression will leave you a sense of accomplishment. Expression allows you to feel like you are one of a kind. Overall, the better you express yourself, the better you come across. The more you express yourself, the more you give other people to work with when they want to get to know you and want to develop bonds. Expression shows you have content and can possibly be an interesting person.

Some people express themselves too much and end up coming across as weird. Being weird is cool if you have accepted it; however, it is a tough path to take. You can end up with fewer friends than usual, funny looks, and even sometimes discrimination. In the spirit of expression, if this makes you feel like you put across the table what is fully you, then express yourself as much as you want. You need to be ready to accept the consequences.

This I firmly believe.