I Believe I am Free

Nerissa - monroe, North Carolina
Entered on April 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

It is hard to be free without the Most High. This is why I made this choice for me, because I believe I am free.

Weekend Edition Sunday, Aril 14, 2008 I believe I am free.

I believe I am free. I am free through the blood of the Heavenly Father and His beloved Son. Everyday I think about doing what is right in order to be free; however, knowing that it is very easy to stray away on the wrong path. I realize that on the wrong path is not where I want to be.

Just by me knowing that I am not alone helps me believe that I am free. No matter what I go through, I am free; even though from time-to-time I may not even feel like it, I am free. I know this because I have a Father constantly whispering in my ear; letting me know I am free. I may not understand why some things go the way they do, but when they happen He will let me know, just what I need to know. My Father may not come when I want Him to but He will most definitely come on time.

For instance being able to be corrected by my Heavenly Father and to continue to trust in Him. Being chastised does not feel good, but it is for the best, because He knows what’s best for me. I know that it is because of His love that He corrects me. I believe I am free. If it was not for His correction where would I be. This is why I believe I am free; therefore, just thinking about all the things He has done for me.

I think of the pain that I have from time to time knowing that there will be more days of pain to come but still I believe I am free. Pain comes in many different ways; it can come from friends, family members, or loved ones. One thing that I know, is that pain is just one of many obstacle that I must overcome; for I was told that I must overcome all things. Therefore, if it takes overcoming friends, family members and loved ones t be free, I must do what I know is right to do because I believe I am free.

Sometimes I ask myself, “why did it have to be me“. I used to think about me being raped all the time but now all I is me being free. This is why deep down inside, I believe I am free.