I Believe In My Home

Christina - Tampa, Florida
Entered on April 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: place

The place I end up every night that shelters and protects me while keeping all my secrets, my home is the most stable part of my life in which I try to emulate. Being a college student, my life is constantly changing and my mind is constantly growing. Each day when I wake up, and I open the doors to my home, venturing out on my own, I know I have security and structure when I come back.

Everyday I wake up with a new task at hand, struggling to meet deadlines, appointments and my mother’s expectations. Not one day goes by that was identical to the previous day. However, the place I call home, which is nothing more than a ten by ten foot room inside an apartment with three other college students, is consistent with meeting my expectations and fulfilling its goal; the same goal, everyday. It has always met my expectations while never expecting anything in return.

Many times I have taken advantage of my home by inviting secrets and stories for my walls to hear, but not once has my home thought wrongly of me or disappointed me with providing the things I need. The secrets to my home are left just that; secrets. Never to be spoken unless spoken by me. After the parties, the fights, the slamming doors and the loud music, I was sure my home would give up on me. But once again I was wrong and my home still provided me with everything I needed to stay safe and rejuvenate to perform the next day.

At times I try to think of how I can convey strong and protective characteristics of which my home so easily portrays. Through rain, lightning, hurricanes and possible buglers, the walls remain strong and the doors are closed until I make a decision to face the elements on my own and face the world. Some days I wake up early to start a day planned full of activities and enjoyment of the outside world and forget about my home, but this has never been held against me. Each day regardless of what activities I performed whether they be at home or elsewhere, the walls that I rely on are still standing and welcoming. Then there are days that offer perfect weather and my home can easily set me lose and take a day off without needing to worry about my safety, but my home understands and will always offer a place to stay.

Looking at my life, my home will always be the sense of structure and consistency that I hope to one day portray. All the times I needed a place my home offered shelter and even days that I spent not thinking of my home once, it was always there for me to stay and offer comfort. Hopefully one day I will be the stable walls to a child and until ready, be the place for someone to call home.