This I believe

Judith - Brooklyn, New York
Entered on April 13, 2008
Age Group: 65+

This I believe: I agree with Aileen Mory (April 13, 2008) that the war being fought in Iraq is not our war. I go even further than she. If it were our war, yes, where is the draft? But also where is the gas rationing? Where are the war bonds? Where are the shortages in the stores? Where are the propaganda movies and TV programs supporting and encouraging our country’s actions? Where are our leaders telling us the truth about our progress?

No, it is not our war. And now perhaps the even sadder part – although I sigh and worry and wonder what I can do, I do not hear any leaders speaking out loudly and clearly and making suggestions.

I am one of the many who do not support this war. I want to hear alternatives to the death and destruction going on in the Middle East? I want to hear suggestions for each of us to take action that would perhaps be more effective for controlling and fighting terrorism than the current war. I want a chance to be active in my Democracy.