The Fairy Tale

Abbe - Bellingham, Washington
Entered on April 13, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: love

I believe in gentle kisses, the look across the room that makes you smile from the toes to the nose.

I believe in staying in bed past the wake up time for the last hug.

I believe in the person who knows without words and can define the feeling when even you don’t know what it is.

I believe in licking salty tears and laughing till you pee.

I believe that all serious matters can wait until both parties understand even without agreeing.

I believe that handsome is the way you carry yourself and that sexy is how you view the world.

I believe that passion is found in a tiniest speck of sand mixed with a drop of rain, creating mud puddles and rolling landscapes.

I believe in love that expands the heart to encompass more and encourages the cream to rise to the top.

I believe in the decadence of abandonment of worry and the forthrightness of honesty.

I believe a lover’s passion manifests in unintended smiles, the secret of sharing the intimacy of memory, and in the twinkle of growing futures.

I believe that two beings can grow from different stalks, sway with the wind, entwine in the embrace of knowing nothing but possibilities.

I believe in souls that slip into synchronistic melodies that endure with a song of many stanzas.

I believe romance is a promise that encompasses trust, like dancing partners who move gracefully through turns and twirls never knowing the next step.

I believe each whisper of the wind is a kiss from the universe, a secret message that endures.

I believe in the tale of two lovers who continually spread fairy dust on the world, night sparkle and day dew.

I believe the spell of love is never broken, pearls polished with years, renewed in the universe, orbiting our heart.

I believe that this gift has been yours and will remain eternally inside your soul.