Mary Janes Made of Glass

Paige - Gainesville, Florida
Entered on April 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: humility

When I was a child there were a few things my mother did not tell me about. I was obsessed with “Cinderella” as a little girl and for some reason I believed that all female dress shoes were called glass slippers. I was unaware that the shoes that

Cinderella wore to the ball were made of actual glass. I continued to believe this to be true for quite some time without even thinking about it. When I was in the third grade, some classmates of mine caught me referring to my dress shoes as glass slippers. I argued with them for a minute or two before it all “clicked” in my head. My classmates caught me believing something ridiculous to be true and did not let me live it down for a while.

About a year after the glass slipper incident I had a similar situation. I was at church one Sunday morning as usual. In my Sunday School class, consisting of ten to twenty people, we were discussing holidays. Our teacher was asking for volunteers to name some holidays that we celebrate that had yet to be mentioned. After a few people named some, I blurted out, “Do you know when Pig Out Day is?” My teacher asked me what I was talking about. I started to explain that it was the day that our parents would cook and let us eat whatever our hearts desired all day long. The teacher then assumed I meant the Fourth of July. I continued to explain and insisted it was not in July. He told me he thought maybe it was just one of my family’s traditions. My classmates in Sunday School that day never laughed any harder. This was by far one of my most embarrassing moments of my entire life. It turns out that since my family was usually tight on money, my mom came up with this day for us kids.

Little experiences such as these have made me realize how silly it is to get embarrassed about something random you do or something crazy you believe because you do not know any better. I have accepted that these things are going to happen to me no matter what. For instance, I am now an overnight supervisor at a retail chain. I am in charge of many people. I have to make speeches nightly, and I have to show the employees the correct way of doing things. Lately we have been opening a new store and spending our time putting the shelving together. Last week I put it together all wrong and looked like a fool in front of people twice my age. These sorts of things I shrug off. You just have to realize that everyone else also realizes people are not perfect. Chances are a week later they will not even remember that dumb thing you did that day. I believe there is something sweet about being naïve as a child. It is a shame that not everyone can stay so innocent.