I now believe in taking small steps.

Christina - Queen Creek, Arizona
Entered on April 12, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe Educating American children is so important.

I believe changing the way children view education is very important to our future America. So many people in other countries relish the way America teach their children, but once some children reach 16 their ideas of education change.

If we can teach the children before their teenage years and during their teenage years importance of school and that it is such a priviledge then maybe more teenagers will choose to stay in school.

One way of making this happen is by letting teenagers know that their bodies and minds go through such changes with hormones and the way their bodies look, that it is very easy to forget the value of education. And for them to realize as well how long it took America to be where it is today as well as finding a way to make education more attractive and fun. Sort of making them aware that this happens and this is normal that a person changes.

Children in other countries would love the opportunity of our education system. Although, the environment is what effects most teenagers to quit, this is where I believe the preventative maintenance would tremendously benefit.

Another thing to really help the children to stay in school is to let them know that when they change, their surrounding areas change, too. Some parents are not for education and if our school systems taught that there are some parents that do not help the children with school, or are not even around, that it’s okay for that to happen and it should not be a way for them to have an excuse to want to give up on education. For those children in those types of settings at home, those are the children more likely to give up. And for those that do have great atmospheres, some teenagers still sway off into quitting school regardless of where they live, and it is there that a preventative program would start helping those teens even before a person would think a teenager may have such an idea.

Sometimes we look at life with struggles, but sometimes it is easier to go through those struggles when other people whom had those same struggles went through them and succeeded. It is all in a mind set and what makes some quit and some go above and beyond is a good reason that America can look at a program to help the teenagers understand with them what their bodies and minds are going through.

As children we look forward to playground time in elementary school, or favorite subjects. Although, all subjects cannot be our favorite, but implementing ways to change that so all subjects in Junior High and High School are fun would be a great way to want teenagers to go to school.