Takeshi - USA
Entered on April 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

“When did you come to America?” stated sarcastically from a local mainlander. In January 2004, I made my epic journey from the island of Oahu, Hawaii to the city of Los Angeles, California. Carrying concrete morals and values was the only foundation that was locked throughout my body. For this journey was an experience that no one could prepare you for. The tragic events transitioned, from being laid off from my job, back stabbed, emptied my savings account, and adjusting to a new society that was filled with glamour and fake personalities. Survival, persevere, conquer and achievement could describe what I needed to do next. Through this current four year epic battle, I sincerely believe how important “family” is in life. To preserve oneself, endure, and overcome are the deeds I continue to chisel in my journey called life. God, family and friends are truly what I believe in, what I stand by, and what I will die for. God bless.