The Soul of What Sounds True

Byron - Sand Springs, Oklahoma
Entered on April 12, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

The Soul of What Sounds True

To be awake and be aware,

With every step we take.

Embracing all the pain we bear,

As well the love we make.

The present moment’s perfect frame,

To give today its due

I hear the Buddha’s thoughtful claim,

And bow to what sounds true.

To send a Son to teach and heal,

Though mortal peril waits.

For much confusion to repeal,

A church and faith creates.

No matter station, wealth, or birth,

It’s grace that gets us through.

For only God may judge our worth,

I kneel to what sounds true.

Those tortured souls that cannot feel,

Whose empty souls destroy.

With no regret their hearts of steel,

The pain of man enjoy.

Does God confronted, heal each child

From broken hearts to new,

God’s mercy for these once reviled

Believes my heart sounds true.

That every moment predisposed,

By God’s unerring hand.

That every song has been composed,

Close bound by what God’s planned.

Or free of will to err and fail,

To ask for grace anew.

To each his own but I must hail,

The heart of what sounds true.

Around the world, we’re more the same,

Than what we might surmise.

A place of peace and freedom claim,

To greet the next sunrise.

Imagine what with borders gone,

And love, the God we view.

We might embrace the calm hereon,

With hope for what sounds true.