Filipe - Spring, Texas
Entered on April 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that showing love is a great deal for everybody. That we need to express our feelings and since we’ve done this we can have a better world for us and for every single person.

I still remember my childhood. I got upset with my mom many times because I didn’t understand her reasons for not allowing me to do what I wanted to do. She always had the same answers for my questions:

“Sometimes I just feel that I have to protect you, and it’s because I love you so much”.

As I grew up I saw many examples of the same situation, and I started to understand my mom’s reasons, her way of educating by expressing love. At that time I was mature enough to not get upset anymore and started to learn so much from her.

I believe that love could change the world. That kind of love that we really feel, for family, for good friends… I mean real love.

I learned with my mom how to love, to demonstrate my love for everybody that I really love, and how to be kind.

Today we live in a world without feeling. Where technology is widespread, machines are taking humans’ spots in many places, and this technology’s development is unavoidable.

It’s becoming quite normal for people not to express their love for each other, and I believe that this is the big issue in the world. In my opinion we need to demonstrate our feelings. Wake up every day and say “I love you dad. I love you mom”.

I see many people losing their capability to express their good feelings because everybody knows how to demonstrate anger, fury… we can see it constantly on TV young people shooting at classmates, terrorists killing hundreds. Everybody wants to know why people do this, but nobody analyzes if they taught their children to express love and good feelings, if when their kids woke up they said “I love you son, so much.” If they gave enough love to their children to allow them to do the same.

“Where is the love?” is a song that plays a lot on the radio. People often listen to it, enjoy the music, but don’t realize its real message. In the beginning, its lyrics say: “What’s wrong with the world mama?

People living like ain’t got no mamas…” if we stop to listen to the song and pay attention to it, we might think that is an easy question, but your answer might be “I don’t know, good question”.

I do appreciate the way my mom raised me, when she used to say “I love you my son” when I didn’t expect it. I developed my love, my good feelings because of this. I realized that life’s too short to waste time with bad feelings, and now I can understand perfectly those reasons that she gave to me ten years ago. She loved me. She loves me. She always will. This I believe was very important for me, and I’m sure it will always be.