I Believe In Miracles

CJ - San Jose, California
Entered on April 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in miracles. Others may not. It really depends on wht you’ve seen and experienced in life. I’ve lived through and experienced enough to believe that miracles do happen. Christianity also plays a huge role in my belief.

When my cousin was born, the doctors said that he had a tumor in his head. They said that they could try to surgically remove it, but either way, he wouldn’t be able to live past a month. My family was really scared. When the doctors did do the surgery, they found nothing. My cousin is now twelve years old and is as healthy as any normal kid. My family believed that that was truely a miracle because doctors are so filled with knowledge and what they told us was aompletely incorrect. For a doctor to give the wrong answer is a very small chance.

Another experience that I’ve lived through had to deal with my uncle’s life being changed. He was struggling through most of his life with alcohol and drugs. On top of that he had a kid with his ex-girlfriend that he could not pay child support for. All of his money went toward drugs and alcohol. He would always be so angry and fed up. My family would pray for him all the time to turn his life around. No one thought that he would change on his own. One day, I remember it really got bad. He was yelling at my grandma for something that wasn’t even her fault. I remember him grabbing a knofe, putting it against his chest, and threatening to kill himself right in front of me and my grandma. That was the worst thing that I’ve ever seen in my life. My other uncle came and fought to to take the knife away from him. That was the lowest point in his life. My grandma took him to church. There he promised to change. From then on, his life has been turned around.I believe in miracles because because nobody thought that he could change the way he did. He’s been clean and sober for three years now.

One last example is this lady at my church. She’s been paralyzed from waist down for 15 years. She was expected to live the rest of her life like that. I remember at one church service somebody prayed for this lady and she stood up.

There have been other kinds of miracles in my life. These are just a few. I believe that if you have so much faith in something that it will happen. It just takes time. This really shaped me to become a more positive person than how I was before. I used to think so negative. Now I have less doubt.