I believe in going to class

Danielle - San Ramon, California
Entered on April 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I belive in going to class. It is hard for me read and sometimes write with my disability of dyslexia, but challenging myself only keeps me interested. I am currently going to college and taking five general classes. Whether I like what classes I’m taking or not, I choose to go to class every day. By doing so, I learn at least one thing I wouldn’t have learned if I did not go to class. I laugh more than I would have if I had just slept in. And the joy of meeting and talking with others is nice to know your not there alone.

In high school all I did was skip class or try and meet up with friends to avoid sitting in an uncomfortable chair in the hot, humid rooms. It was such a different learning situation in high school as it is in college. Now as a freshman in college I am taking advantage of going to class and having the chance to learn and laugh with others.

My mom has always told me to love my everyday of life and when I go to sleep I should feel like I did something significant throughout my day. Now I am starting to understand what I want to benefit my life and my future. To do so I currently volunteer for and older lady and help her do chores around her house. This is just a small thing I do after my daily routine of school. For example, when I go to my math class, which is three hours long and not to mention my least favorite class, I always prepare myself before entering the room and put on a positive attitude. Whenever I let myself look at anything or anyone negatively, that’s when my whole day turns around and everything becomes immoral.

By following certain regulations I set for myself, I will always look at school as a gift and realize how lucky I am that I can apply myself to school work. I will take going to classes as an advantage and hopefully others will apply themselves as much as I at least try to.