I Am Powerful

Tamara - Reston, Virginia
Entered on April 10, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

A few years ago I decided that I wanted to get divorced. When I told my ex-husband that I no longer wanted to be married things began to get ugly. I had no idea what I was getting into.

Fortunately, at the time I had a decent job where I knew that I could support myself financially as well as my pets. I had no children, but I considered my two dogs and two parakeets like kids.

I was hoping to remain in the house that I was living in but I realized that it was not possible. With what was taking place, I knew that I had to quickly find a new home for myself and my animals.

Finding a rental home with a fenced in yard that was close to work was not an easy task but my dogs and parakeets were definitely coming with me. That was the only option and with unwavering pursuit I began househunting during my lunchbreaks at work.

One factor that helped me immensely during this chaotic time was focusing quietly in the morning before work. I had made a list of several items that I wanted to manifest in my life, the first item being “home”. I would focus on my list every morning for thirty minutes and simply trusted the power within me to manifest a home.

During this time, I picked up the local newspapers and scoured the rental ads. I also walked into several real estate offices inquiring about rentals in the area. Most of the time nobody called me back. It was frustrating but I continued on because I had no intention of giving up.

About a month later, I stopped in a convenience store and picked up a free local newspaper that I had not yet checked. When I got back in my car I found a house with a fenced in yard that was in my budget! At first, the owner was not keen about pets but she seemed like she was looking to rent quickly and therefore, was willing to meet me to show me the house.

The house turned out to be adorable but it was missing a few appliances. I had the appliances to make it livable. It was a perfect match!

My mother and brother moved my pets and personal belongings while I was at work. The moving company that we hired was booked on Saturday so they moved me on Friday instead. It worked out perfectly. On Sunday, my brother and I went back to my former home to get my remaining belongings. When we arrived and tried to unlock the side door, we discovered that the locks had been changed, the back door was blocked, and my remaining belongings were gone. We had gotten out in the nick of time.

I created a lot of adversity by making this change in my life but I trusted the power within myself to go through it.

I am glad that I did.