The power of sport

Courtney - Manchester, Massachusetts
Entered on April 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I believe in the power of recreating and sports. My passion for this area of physical activity has a deeper meaning than saying, “I love sports.” I believe in the strength it can bring to someone’s body, mind and soul. May you be an athlete, coach, educator, team manager, facility owner, or a fan, everyone can find a way to incorporate athletic discipline as well as a level of fun into their lives.

I grew up in a large, sport orientated family and my parents always encouraged physical activity. Through the sixth grade I played basketball and softball on school teams. At that age there was no pressure, no desire to be named the winner. As I entered high school however, sports in my mind changed dramatically. Instead of a friendly game, it became a competition between two teams, even between teammates. We were so preoccupied with beating each other out for varsity sports, that we lost the true meaning of the game. It wasn’t until my sport injury did I realize that this was all a mistake. Upon entering becoming a senior, what was supposed to be the best year, it look as if my sports career was over.

I saw a new opportunity to fill the desire that I still had for sports at the local YMCA. I began coaching basketball and softball for little leagues. I had found a new love. As the coach, I was able to find a new approach to the game. This was a new calling that I now appreciated.

In the fall of 2007, I entered the University of New England. The school offered a program in Sports Management and I was hooked. The courses were engaging, teaching students about the history of sport as well as the fundamentals of entering the sports field as and educator, an athlete or a manager. On my first spring break, I flew to Denver, Colorado to conduct an informational interview for one of my classes. I met with the VP of Public Relations of a large sport and venue facility that was home to Denver’s professional sports teams. Her job was admirable. She was in the public’s eye and worked closely with the athletes, but still worked her way into the community.

All of my professors at UNE have helped steer me in the right direction to fulfill my desire to be a Sport Manager. I have a great passion for sports and believe that everyone has some sort of desire in them. My personal philosophy is to do what you love and love what you do. Because if you do no love what you do, you cannot truly live your life and be happy. This I believe.