I Believe In Adrenaline

Christopher - Shelley, Idaho
Entered on April 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe In Adrenaline

Several time I have listened to the roar of huge high output horsepower engines. The sound rumbles my entire body, making my heart rate shoot through the roof. Chills pour down my back; I can’t hold still as the vibration blurs my vision.

When I was younger I remember going to see a monster truck show. The highlight of the show was Grave Digger, the world famous monster truck that led the huge giants. Watching the trucks Crush and crumble cars with all that power, makes my eyes water with excitement. Everyone was jumping and screaming at the top of their lungs. The most exciting was when grave digger jumped a school bus, tore through a camper, and then rolled his truck. At that moment I found out what adrenaline really was. Its addictive nature overwhelmed me; I didn’t want that moment to end, I had to have more. It is indescribable how the body feels.

Many of those same feeling occur when I rev the throttle of my dirt bike. As I let the clutch go and start toward the jump, again the emotional feeling is unexplainable. It is difficult to find words that describe adrenaline. When I hit a jump and sail through the air, feelings of weightlessness coupled with energy and excitement pulse through my entire body. Many forms of adrenaline occur during extreme sports. The “Rush” you get from deadly stunts is awesome, but a gamble of my life is always taken.

Intense moments of injury cause adrenaline. When a family member gets hurt, or stuck under a rock, adrenaline makes the impossible, possible. People become superhuman in trying to move objects of off others. A friend of mine was crawling underneath his car that was on jack stands; by chance the car fell on top of him. His younger brother who was five foot eight was able to pick up the Honda civic from on top of him. The adrenalin that that boy had at 18 years old made him seems like superhuman, giving him the ability to save a life.

Many know how it is to be pulled over by a police officer. Colored lights in my rear-view mirror cause an adrenaline rush. Although I do not speed for fun; I love that feeling, in its own extreme way. Adrenaline exists within all of us. Words cannot describe how I feel when I monster truck revs its engine, or how high I get when I hit a jump, even the thought of saving a life is hard to take in.