I believe in a joyful life

Christopher - 45565, Indiana
Entered on April 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope, immigrant

Believe in a joyful life

Each time I think about happiness, I feel I am at peace with my self and my soul. Happiness is like when a dream comes true. Though, through my experiences of life, I discovered that to be happy a person has to have courage and patience. Happiness is being able to accept what life asks of you and not being afraid to accept the challenge. Happiness is like a mother who protects her baby against all evils and troubles. Unfortunately, life never stays the same. It always changes and people also change.

When I was thirteen years old, my father died and that changed my life completely. He was diabetic and one night he had a heart attack and died at the hospital. He was a businessman. He worked very hard to give us a good education and to care for us. My family was very sad after he passed away. We had a very hard time providing for ourselves because my dad never showed us his business. We did not have enough money to take care of the other people in my family. At this time, I could not continue my studies because the school was very expensive and my family did not have enough money to pay. There were eight people in my family: two sisters, four brothers, my mother and father. I was the fifth oldest child. It was hard to loose him.

Although this was a very difficult time, it also helped me to realize what happiness means. I say this because I had the chance to leave Haiti and go to Canada. I was fifteen years old when I left Haiti to immigrate to Canada. I never imagined my life would lead me to Canada or that I would be far away from my family, culture, and friends. Canada was very different from Haiti. It was a challenge for me to adapt to this new culture. But moving to Canada also helped me learn to redefine myself and to become a new person. Canada offered a good opportunity for me to study and to discover a new life. I remember how happy I was to receive my first check from my job. This job was the first time I worked for my own money. I was very happy because with that money I helped my family and myself.

If I had not left Haiti, I would not have found a good job or had the chance to redefine myself. While the reason that I had to leave Haiti was a sad one, it also led to happiness and freedom that I felt in the arms of mother when I was a child. I believe in happiness today because of my experience in overcoming my difficulties in life. Happiness helps me to trust in myself and think positively.