Jeff - mattawa, Washington
Entered on April 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: fear

I Believe in Anxiety. Butterflies, sweating profusely, lack of sleep, no appetite, and maybe even being sick. These are all symptoms of anxiety. My Anxiety is being nervous before a big football game and being nervous before a date…the list can go on and on.

Anxiety affects all of us in many different ways. There are multiple times when I get hit with anxiety. The most common event in my life where I get hit with anxiety is right before a football game that I’m about to play in. Waiting in my high school locker room for the game to start is a very stressful moment because all you do is just wait and anticipate the game. Just how I mentioned butterflies, this is what happens to me before every game. My mind races as I think about what I’m going to do and if we’re going to win. But once the ball has been hiked and we’re playing football, I now have my game face on and the anxiety has now left.

I believe in having sweaty palms right before a date with a girl. The minutes before a date can be nerve racking for any person. You’re nervous about how the date is going to go and if the girl is going to be cool or just a complete goober, and then if she is way awesome you worry if you’re going to screw it up. But then you worry about what you look like and you change your clothes several times right before the date just so you can get it perfect. You go and get the girl and it turns out to be a blast and both of you have so much fun and the anxiety before the date has left, just like a piece of pizza at a little kids birthday party.

Without anxiety we would live boring lives and there would be no excitement and nothing to keep us on the edge of our seat through life. It’s good to worry about stuff because it shows we care about something. If were nervous before an exam then It shows we care, if your nervous before a date it shows you care.