Creation Kept Strong

Brittany - Las Vegas, Nevada
Entered on April 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: illness, nature

I believe in healing my body from the inside out.

The body is an amazing creation. The ability to do so many things through our hands, feet, and brain and has given us a reason to be on this Earth. Not all bodies are perfect from the inside, and some may even be infected with disease. Through my experience I have learned how to heal my body through natural remedies.

Being a teenage girl my hair was a priority. Half way down my back it was always curled and primped, and I loved it. One morning as I curled my hair my mother with a gasp, brought me a mirror showing me the small bald spots in the back of my head. My heart fell and a nervous tension came over me. Questions of what if someone else has seen them frightened me during classes all day. Not being normal for a fourteen year old I was fearful of what was to come. Following finding the spots I visited the dermatologist each month for five months and took the prescribed pills, cream, and shots each day. This routine continued but with no results and even added spots, I was discouraged and started looking for alternative methods.

Feeling desperate I sought out a Master Herbalist, Angela Harris. Angela prescribed three different herbal formulas and vitamins, Restore, Extra Greens, and Biotin. It was a lot more capsules to take than the dermatologist had prescribed but I started to take these faithfully, and much to my excitement after two weeks there were small hairs growing back into the spots. This small growth in my hair has converted me to the use of herbal remedies.

Each Christmas at least three members of my family acquire strep throat. After getting strep, I decided to try something new. After visiting Angela’s store I was given a formula, Infection Fighter. Every hour this tincture was put under my tongue and each hour my throat continued to feel better. Unlike the normally prescribed antibiotic taking at least two weeks, this natural formula got rid of the strep completely in about three days.

Though finding these herbal remedies may have been for a prideful reason, I am grateful that I have now been able to take advantage and use the herbs to help heal my entire body, helping the amazing creation strong and going for as long as possible.