Crossing nations faster by Talking

Carolina - Salt Lake City, Utah
Entered on April 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I strongly believe that learning foreign languages can greatly enrich many people’s lives and bring

them much more success and joy as it has brought me in my life.

Ever since I was a young child, I have wanted to learn how to speak English. I would at times picture

myself working around the world in many beautiful well developed countries , speaking in English and in

other languages as a honorable representative of my country. I had an opportunity to begin to realize a

portion of this dream in school where they would teach us English. Where I learned a great deal but

because of my dad’s work I soon had to live with my family to live in Germany and learn a language

which I knew less than English. Nevertheless, I had to learn the language.

The little bit of English that I learned helped me tremendously. Because though everyone speaks

German , many people also speak English. Asking questions helped me to make friends, find for

directions and much more. “Wie viel Uhr ist es?‘‘ Es it acht Uhr und zwanzing‘‘ Vielen Dank‘‘

As it is for most children being forced to learn a new language, it was not long until I became fluent in

German . I tried to help my mom with the language whenever I could but I think she as well as my

father had a hard time picking up the language.

It was a lot of hard work , but indeed it bless my life greatly. In the future, it would prove to open

many doors for me and give me many opportunities to help and serve others. The time eventually came

to move back to Peru where I felt like I had to learn Spanish again from my friends. After being home for

a little while my parents decided that they wanted me to go to a German – Peruvian High School, and I

was able to be more minded to different cultures thanks to different cultures to my knowledge of the


I also learned French, I really enjoy it but did not really think that I was going to use it sooner than

expected. One Sunday morning at church, my leader introduced me to a girl from Haiti named Maria.

She only spoke French and she came to Peru because she has hiding from her country where there was

a big war and violence. She needed help but could not communicate. Her situation made me very sad,

and her eyes were like a reflection of a shiny lake and looked very sad. I wanted very much to help her,

and my mom encouraged me to sacrifice part of my time helping her.

Once again, thanks to my knowledge of the language I was able to help her . After this experience,

I realized that our gifts bless others.

I helped her by being the translator between Maria and my pastor, who gave her food. Then , I helped

her finding a job as French teacher.

This world appears more beautiful when we know that we can count on each other. Through all

my experiences , I came to the conclusion that learning a foreign language helps an individual in various


I discovered I had a new talent and by being aware of it, I became more confident, and once I

learned English, I became addicted to learning foreign languages.

I strongly believe that learning foreign languages can greatly help me be more competitive and

be wanted for good jobs. It will bless others lives as well.