Living in the Moment

Allison - Austin, Texas
Entered on April 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

Every five seconds, about ten people around the world die. I am sure everyone can agree with me when I say that life is extremely unexpected. There is no way of telling what is held in the future, whether that means in a couple of hours, a few days, of fifteen years. Life was not made to be planned, so why try to make it that way? This is precisely the reason why I believe in living in the moment.

I consider myself a very adventurous person. I am always up for something exciting, something foreign, maybe even something a little bit crazy. When I have the chance to do these types of things, the opportunity usually does not linger very long, which usually results in taking the risk, without much thought to the consequences. I love the adrenaline that pulses through my veins when I do something risky, just knowing that the possible outcomes are endless. Even though the outcomes aren’t always ideal to say the least, I have always come out the end with an important lesson or two learned, and many memories I wouldn’t give up for the world.

The people you surround yourself with play a big role in your life. These are going to be the people that share some of the most memorable moments in your life. And just as easily as today could be your last, it could be one of theirs too. Embrace every moment you share with these people, knowing you may not get the chance to be by their side again.

Life is full of wonderful things, but also consists of some troublesome things. People usually worry about these things, which bring other people down. This is why I do not worry. Although some may argue that worrying is simply inevitable, I disagree. Anyone who has been in I.S.S. will probably find this quote familiar: “Worrying is like a rocking chair. It will give you something to do, but in the end it will not get you anywhere.” Life is extremely too short to be worrying about little things that will end up working themselves out anyways.

Some people measure the value of their life as being economically successful, pleasing their family, finding love… the only thing I’m looking for out of life is happiness. I search for it in everything I do, and I try to make the best out of any situation I am dealt with. I love my life philosophy, and I wish others could see the world through my eyes. I may come off as careless, or naïve, but I have everything I need to be happy in life.

Open your eyes. The life you are living now is the only one you will ever have, and what you do today makes up the moments and memories that make life so thrilling. And the fact is, you never know when your life will drastically change for the worse, so enjoy the things your life consists of now. Surround yourself with people you love, do not fret the small stuff, and do what you can to make each day worthwhile. Living in the moment, this I believe.