Food Connection

Maggie - Mountain Home, Idaho
Entered on April 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, pleasure

I believe in food.

I believe that food connects people in a way that nothing else does. Relationships are built through food and sustained through food. Every first date usually involves food. At parties or wedding there is always food. After meetings there are refreshments. Food is always involved when there are going to be people getting to know each other.

Food sustains me. It is a comfort, an ice breaker, it unites people together. At school my roommate had friends from back home. We took them a plate of cookies and invited them to dinner. They came and we had a wonderful time and made new friends. Food removes the awkwardness of social situations. If the food is good it usually sparks conversation which leads to more personal subjects that make getting to know people easier.

It brings cultures together. During the summer I worked with a woman named Maria. She’s from Mexico and everyday she would bring this amazing Mexican food that she had made that morning and share it with everyone. I also love this Chinese restaurant called Golden Crown. Not only is the food great but the owner is amazing. I could order something and then six months later she can name off exactly what I ordered the last time I came.

Food is the glue that holds my life together. If I am angry or sad it lifts my spirits and puts me in a good mood. I always feel great after a nice meal that I can fill up on. For my family, food is a main part of our existence. Everything we do involves food. If we get together we MUST have food. All my memorable conversations and experiences with my family involve food. I am fairly young compared to my siblings, so food is something that we have in common because we all love it. I get to hear all of their crazy stories from their childhoods over dinner. Like the time Cade gave my mom’s wedding ring to a girl he liked when he was six or when Darcy would lock everybody out of the house when she babysat because she didn’t want to deal with them. Green jell-o salad reminds me of my grandma because she would always make it when we went to visit her. Peach cobbler brings back fond memories of camping at our family reunions where all the little kids are running around and all the adults are playing Rook or talking by the fire.

Food not only sustains me physically but emotionally as well. When I eat right everything works out great and I have a better attitude towards life. I am unconquerable and feel ready to face the world after a good meal. I can’t even imagine what life would be like for me if food was not involved in all that my family does. My family is stronger because we had dinner together every night. It brought us together. I believe in food.