I Believe in Friendship

Holly - Johnstown, Colorado
Entered on April 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Friendship

Written by Holly B

I believe that friends are the greatest treasure in life, that friends will always be there, not too far away and that everyone should have a friend!

Everyone knows that friends can have a lot of stupid fights. And when I look back at all of those fights, I realize that most of them were definitely not necessary, and there was no reason to even be fighting! And if your friend stays mad at you, they most likely aren’t your true friends. I remember one of the fights me and my friend, “Sierra”, had. I accused Sierra of stealing my favorite necklace that my parents gave me, which she liked too. Off course she and I were very upset with one another. And later I found the necklace under my bed. Then I apologized for accusing her without evidence, and, (being the good friend that she was), forgave me. Then, I realized that we still have fights, but nothing we can’t overcome.

Friends will also always be there for you, whether you’re down, sad, mad, or depressed. Friends will also help you when you’re stuck on homework, or problems you may have in every day life! They will go with you to the movies or the store, be silly with you and listen to you whenever you have a problem or just need someone to talk to. And in other, sadder cases, they could be there with cookies and a huge if, say, a relative or friend dies. For example, when my grandpa passed away, all of my friends came over to my house, and comforted me with advice on how to get passed this, and a lot of chocolate chip cookies. Even though I was too sad to eat any, well, maybe just one.

Friends also don’t pressure you into doing some thing that you are against, know is wrong or something you just don’t want to do! Friends don’t threaten you, so that you will do something that they think is cool. And if they do, don’t follow, even if your friendship is on the line, because truly if they do that, then they’re not the type of friend that you want to be hanging out with.

So just remember my words, if you’re down, sad, or having a really dull day, don’t worry, as long as you have friends you’ll never have a boring day ever again! And definitely don’t accuse them of doing anything bad, unless you have hard evidence!!