What, I believe?

Michael - Moline, Illinois
Entered on April 8, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: Christianity

I am a Christian. I came to Christianity on a very strange path. You see, most of my life I was an atheist. Though my road has led me to Christianity I must admit that I still believe in unbelief.

It was unbelief that makes me what I am today. I am doubtful, skeptical and sure of only the fact that I will never be sure. This does not mean that I believe in nothing. Quite the contrary, I believe that the truth is everywhere and can be seen. I just have come to the happy moment of understanding that I will never see it all, never hold truth in my hands and, therefore never know what truth is. Even if a miracle revealed to me the truth today, I am sure that by tomorrow I would find more truth waiting for me. Different truth. Tomorrow’s truth.

Now, you would think that unbelief would lead one away from and not to Christianity, but you, I believe, would be wrong. my unbelief led me to certain…um…beliefs:

1. If no one has the whole truth, then no one deserves to judge or be judged by the truth.

2. We all have a part of truth within us. Everything has a part of truth within it.

So my non-belief led me to become a non-judgemental pacifist. I thought about becoming a vegan, but that seemed rather animalist. Who knows that plants enjoy death any less than a cow?

Which leads me back to Christianity. I found more and more, that Jesus was a non-judgemental pacifist who said we should all be non-judgemental pacifists because we live forever no matter what.

Not that I believed it. Not that I didn’t believe it. I didn’t know. I did find that it was a cool way to live. Perhaps this is a little too utilitarian. Perhaps, but then the materialists can see where I’m coming from too.

Since I’ve become a non-believing Christian I have Pagan, Hindu, Athiest, agnostic, Muslim, Jewish friends. All who have and share their truth with me. I share mine with them. Many of them are pacifists and non-judgemental (though, by all means they don’t have to be) I can only hope that one day the world will be full of non-judgemental pacifists who live as if life would never end no matter what their creed, what books they read or who or what (remember, no judging) their friends are.

With God’s help, it will be so. This I believe.