Keep your friends close and your enemies far

Caitlin - Chandler, Arizona
Entered on April 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I must warn you that this essay should not be taken lightly, furthermore some of the material is not suitable for younger kids, this is not made up, this is my life, as a girl, a rebel a meth addict. I partied hard, rarely slept and did as much crystal as I could. Don’t get me wrong I tried to stop I got on my knees and prayed that this madness would end, but it never did. My life spiraled out of control. Oh sure yeah I tried to quit but the monster inside me somehow clawed its way out of me and I began the vicious cycle over again. Why didn’t my parents stop me? Easy they didn’t know, and they aren’t bad parents or anything I was very clever. Raves, techno, the rush, the feeling I got when I was climaxing on that high, I never wanted to come down. However, my best friend, who will remain nameless, had to witness my life deteriorating before her very eyes. One night I remember graphically I went to her house just to stop by before a giant rave her and her brother strapped me down and her brother yelled at me about how I was better than this, about how he couldn’t stand to see my life fall apart and how I could ruin myself. I was the light of his life he said, but he couldn’t bare to watch me tear myself apart and ruin a potential amazing young woman. Then it was my best friend’s turn, she wasn’t loud and hateful like her brother but she was just as serious. She said she couldn’t bare to see me like this begged me to sober up, with streams of tears I whispered out the words “ok”. I never went to that rave though I’m almost positive if I had I wouldn’t be here today, see my friend that I was supposed to “roll” with before I got there died because his dealer laced his meth and he soon overdosed. That could have been me. I believe that you need to keep your friends closer than anything and stick to them like glue because they could one day save your life like mine did. And also I believe you should steer clear of those enemies because you never know what road they will take you down, but it’s for darn sure it won’t be a pretty one. I dedicate my life, my soul, and this paper to the ones that hold me up when I can’t stand, the ones that love me for who I am and what I can be.