I believe in the

Cara - Columbia, South Carolina
Entered on April 8, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

Just when statistics reported nearly 81% of Americans feel the country is on the wrong track and somber air tightened our throats upon the 40th anniversary of Doctor Martin Luther King Junior’s passing, I was reminded by a young college athlete that strength is not necessarily found in numbers. The University of South Carolina ’s starting kicker (Ryan Succop) inspired me to believe in something divine.

Despites threatening weather conditions and tornado warnings which lead my mother to exclaim, “this is all happening because even God is angry with this crazy world”, ONE football player didn’t waiver when he answered the call to kick-off our church fund raiser, joining the fight against juvenile cancer. Those glorious athletic moments that come to mind when we think of college football season, actually pale in comparison to this individual’s ability to boost the moral of a community in need. The ball player spoke briefly at our event but said the only words that really matter. He thanked US “for the opportunity to do the Lord’s work.”

During these uncertaine times I am SURE of a few things. I am looking forward to this year’s college football season more than ever – but in a very different light. I believe it’s time for “Tiger” fans to rise up and unite in our effort to kick juvenile cancer. And I beleive the “Volunteers” will have to stay on top of their “A” gameto do their part to keep the momentum going in Memphis, because Ryan Succop already has a winning record with his pre-season altruistic performance. And if this athlete continues to kick the ball with the same fortitude as his philanthropic heart, I beleive University football fans are going to see the answers to some very exciting “Hail Mary” prayers. I believe it is time to break some old rivalries and “Tiger Burning” traditions. Let’s rise above our past and unite our talents to create a futue brighter than we thought imaginable.