Having Friends

Rieley - Johnstown, Colorado
Entered on April 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Having Friends

By: Rieley f

I believe that having friends is really important in life, and it can really make a difference in every day life.

If something is bothering you I your life, they well help you get past you times of trial. For example, when my dog got put down I was so depressed, until my friends came and cheered me up. Also, if you have a really bad illness and you can’t go to school there are two things they can come and bring you the missed work of that day or even just come over and make you healthier quicker. If someone is putting nasty words in your head and you are trying to get them out get some really good friends to get those nasty thoughts out of your mind. Even if your not doing well in school, your friends will kick you into shape and help you get good grades.

Friends don’t only help you in mental problems, but also in physical problems. If someone is making fun of your name or such, your friends can jump in and help you think of a come back to that person’s stupid remark. If you get beat up on in a dark alley, and your friend hears you, they could come and out number the person who is beating up on you. If someone is threatening to hurt you or your family, your friends can calm you down from being a psycho maniac. Maybe even save you from going crazy and being so tense. Also, if you are being nagged at by a teacher and you know that you didn’t do the thing your friends will back you up from being in detention, suspension, or even being expelled and proof you’re NOT guilty. Even if you lose a very important object your friends can help you find it so there are more eyes looking for it. If your in the hospital and your close to dying your friends will make your last couple days of life worth living.

I think that friends are so important for mental and physical problems. I believe that having friends can make every day life a lot easier. If you don’t have friends your life will be so difficult.