American Baseball League, Unfair?

Ryan - Johnstown, Colorado
Entered on April 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe that major league baseball should get more fair. These National League teams need to be able to have designated hitters, instead of their usual pitchers batting, and I think that this is unfair.

It would be more fair to the National League if they were able to use designated hitters. The American League is getting a lot more World Series victories. I am from Colorado and I am a huge Colorado Rockies fan. As the Rockies lost the World Series to the Red Sox it got me thinking if they would have done better if they were able to use designated hitters. If the Colorado Rockies were able to use a designated hitter the outcome easily would have been substantially different. I also recall one of the Rockies pitchers getting hurt and if they were able to rest for at least half an inning they could have been fine.

The National League would easily have more winning records and they will appear way better than normal. If these designated hitters can be able to hit when it’s close in the ninth and they could hit walk-off home runs. All of the citizens cheering for American League teams might want to move over to National League teams giving them more money. If these players got to get more publicity giving them a better career, they can get a bigger house with their new pay their owner gave them for the season. They will be able to enjoy life to the fullest extent. They will have to no longer worry about debt or other things.

A lot of good hitters drafted to National League team won’t get to show off their amazing hitting skills as easy as it would be if they were on American League teams. It would eventually get harder for owners and managers, because players will demand trades to an American League team. The players might have good personalities, but being on a National League team will get them frustrated. They wouldn’t be able to hit as well, because they have to field and not just bat. If the teams don’t have good hitters, they won’t have games.

We won’t get as many Hall of Famers from National League teams. I can almost guarantee that these hitters aren’t the best at fielding. If we get designated hitters we will be able to get more Hall of Famers from National League teams. Getting to the Hall of Fame is a big deal for these player’s future benefits. Many of these hitters have a bright future, but we need to help them, because they might not be able to field the ball very well and they can’t just hit the ball.

All of these hitters need this for them and for us. The players shouldn’t have to field for their Hall of Fame career. Knowing how hard these hitters and players worked for their career, we need to cut these guys some slack. This I believe.