Everyone needs a Horse

Hannah - Plattville, Colorado
Entered on April 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that everyone needs a horse. If you have ever had a chance to encounter this wonderful species you know that it is an animal you never want to be without. You can learn respect, trust and patience.

My horse is a 9 year old dapple grey mare. Her previous owner had hit her hard on the nose and then would go for a year without ridding her! We were looking for a horse and when we got online it said she was a well trained horse small tempered beginner rider horse, when we went to see this wonderful animal we had herd so much about it was a whole different story. She hadn’t had a lot of training and hadn’t been ridden in a while so she kind of forgot her training well all of her training so well it wasn’t the best!!! Well we bought her which sometimes I think was a big mistake but now I love her so much I wouldn’t dream of selling her.

Before I got Chloe I would come home depressed and sad that I did not have any friends and science I am a very private person I wouldn’t talk to anyone about this and would cry myself to sleep at night. When I got Chloe she had brought me out of my shell I sat with new people and tried new things. It may sound silly or corny but it is really true.

Riding is the best part of getting a horse. I have found that if you are stressed, Grumpy, or tired that if you ride it calms you down or re-energizes you. I have tried it too. One day I had got in trouble for some silly reason and I was so mad when I went out and rode Chloe and it really calmed me down.

Horses are the kindest animal I have ever meet (or so I think) they are so gentle, loving, and caring, they will never try o hurt you unless you do something to them. I once put my little puppy on her and she just walked around the pasture munching on the grass as she walked by. It was so cute!!

I was coming home from my cousin’s basketball game and it suddenly dawned on me that a horse can’t come running up to you when you get home like a dog can but they love you so much.

This is all of the reasons I love my horses and I want you to have one. Horses may seem expensive and a huge project that you’ll have to live with but they are really not, and they need to be taken out of abusive homes and into loving ones.