I believe in giving the homeless man a dollar

Jasmine - Austin, Texas
Entered on April 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Everyday after school on my way home a man dressed in torn clothes and dirty shoes has a sign that reads, “Anything helps.” I roll down my window and hand the man a dollar and watch his face light up as he thanks me and returns to his corner. I gave the man one dollar not a five or a twenty but one dollar and he’s grateful. It’s almost as if we live in two completely different worlds. One dollar to me isn’t even my lunch money but to him it was dinner. It’s amazing how one dollar can make a difference.

What puzzles me is why doesn’t everyone give the man a dollar? Sure you might not have a dollar to give. I mean money might be scarce after buying those new Jordan’s (shoes) that just came out or those three outfits you bought for the Texas relays. We walk around the school flashing our money and driving our cars but when the homeless man walks past our car we turn the other way and play broke. I believe in giving the homeless man one dollar because honestly if you lost one dollar right now would it really hurt you?

Whether we choose to realize it or not we are responsible for helping the homeless. Look at it this way if you were injured and dying where do you go? You go to the hospital and the doctor is expected to help you. He helps you because he has the ability to, not because he cares for you but because he has the ability to do so. It becomes his responsibility. When your tooth is causing you pain you go to the dentist and you expect him to help you. You expect him to help you because he has the ability to not because he knows you or cares for you but because he has the ability to. Now I know what you’re thinking, you think the reason he is helping you is because you’re paying him. Ok so you’re saying that you’re doing something for them so they’re doing something for you. That’s one view but did you know that a large amount of the homeless today are veterans. Veterans meaning that they went to war fighting for us. He doesn’t even know me but he risked his life for me. Now I don’t know how many doctors and dentists have put their life on the line for you but I know my doctor and dentist haven’t done anything like that for me.

I believe in giving the homeless man a dollar because he has done more for me than I know and even though I can’t afford to buy him a home I can help him get dinner so that he can live another day. Because at the end of the day I know I saved a life not by giving surgery or filling a cavity but from giving the homeless man a dollar.