Stepping Out – An Expression of Oneself

Nicole - Apple Valley, Minnesota
Entered on April 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Patent leather pumps, peep toes, sling backs, kitten heels, and my personal favorite- stilettos. My shoes are not just for walking. With each click of the heel the attention seems to be turned on me. I am now walking on my runway, my future. This runway is one where I control the pace that I walk, the direction that I travel and the way in which I carry myself. I will choose my own path; I can face that fork in the road or turn on a heel to navigate around it. The sound of my heel as it hits the ground sets the pace to tell my story, a woman with a sense of direction and the knowledge of where she is going in life. Take a walk in my shoes and listen to my journey.

As a twenty year old, I am at the point in my life where I realize that my future is what I make of it. Being determined in choosing the right profession for me will put me on the path to success. I have dreams of one day becoming a fashion designer, with this dream, I must dress the part. Slipping on my favorite pair of heels brings me a sense of self-confidence and the drive to become the next Marc Jacobs.

In high-school I was the teen with the hooded logo sweatshirt, Doc Marten shoes, and Adidas sweatpants. I blended in. I would occasionally take a trend-setting risk of tossing in a splash of color in my outfit. I did it cautiously; I wanted to be more like everyone else. Not now. I have stepped out, and I have come to realize the creative sense of adventure in dressing for success. I know that becoming known in the fashion industry means taking a risk and stepping out and away from the crowd.

I now dress professional and polished. I take pleasure in wearing clothes with sleek lines and basic colors. My stilettos on the other hand, add a punch of color and a sense of interest to my outfit. I am recognized for my individual fashion sense. I enjoy standing out from the crowd and holding my own ground. By having one piece of my outfit as an accent piece, I am able to add sophistication to my own personal style.

People tend to think that stilettos are very uncomfortable, but for me, that is not the case. They are a perfect fit! My shoes take me where I need to go effortlessly. The footprints that I leave behind are my own. Even though my footprint may only be a size six, it leaves an image of new beginnings and endless possibilities. As I walk in my stilettos, I listen to click of the heel and hold my head high. I now realize that being fashionable can be as simple as adding an extra inch to the heel of a shoe. I believe in stepping out for what you want.