I Believe Oreos are the best kind of cookie around.

Julie - Berwick, Maine
Entered on April 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe that Oreo cookies are the best kind of cookie around! For those Oreo virgins, the original Oreo is two chocolate cookies with a frosting in between.

The moment I heard about my Uncle’s deployment it never really hit me until I was eating that first Oreo cookie sense the phone call had happened. I was preoccupied thinking about him, where would he be, how safe is it, and I thought the people there were all bad, and mean and also wanted to hurt him. I didn’t twist the cookie apart and eat just the filling like I normally do. I just ate the cookie. I never JUST eat the cookie. I found out from my uncle that some of the people in Bahrain are nice, and just because they live in a country where their leaders aren’t always the best it is what is on the inside that matters. The moment in my life when my belief completely formed was when I was eating an Oreo cookie.

The company that makes Oreo Cookies changes the frosting color to match the holidays, like near Halloween the frosting would be orange, and around Christmas, red or green. This is the same for all people, if something major is coming up in your life you are going to respond differently inside, you are going to change colors. Say if you were an Oreo cookie, and you were sad your frosting might be blue, or if your mad or angry maybe red.

There is also Uh-Oh Oreos. Where the frosting is Chocolate and the cookie is vanilla. When you need to turn your insides out, and relive your feelings that no one else knows about, or what’s on the inside you can have an Uh-Oh Oreo moment. I had an Uh-Oh Oreo moment after I moved out of my Dads’ house and decided to permanently live with my Mom. I needed to tell someone what was going on in my mind… even if my mind is kind of a scary place.

Some Oreos have a chocolate or some kind of dip covering over them, almost like they don’t want anybody or anything to see their insides. Some people are like this when they first meet someone or if they’re frosting has changed from green (happy) to blue (sad). In my life I feel like I have the chocolate covering, on the first day of school. The hardest first day of school was the first day of high school, because it was so big, and I was so small.

In addition to the covering chocolate outsides, there is an Oreo Cookie called the Duo Oreo. This Oreo has one chocolate outside and the other is vanilla. Various people have two personalities. Such as when I am out of school my personality is different because if I’m out late with my friends we could be turning on our parents sensor light just to make them mad, where as if I was in school I would think that was bizarre.

My belief may be crazy but it’s mine. You can’t have other people make your belief for you… you may be like well I personally don’t agree with your belief, I think what your appearance is most important, but this is what I have to say; everybody is different. “Everybody is born an original, don’t die a copy.” –John L. Mason