Challenging New things

ChuehHua - South Bend, Indiana
Entered on April 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

“Failure is the mother of success” is a proverb. Due to this proverb and my experience, I believe that people can gain new skills as long as they try everything without fearing failure. Indeed, learning is forever and people usually meet some things that they do not know yet. When people have bravery to try new things, they will get new skills and find their potential abilities from these new experiences.

When I was a child, my father always encouraged me to try anything I wanted to do. Even though I sometimes felt afraid that I might fail, my father still told me I had to try because “Failure is the mother of success.” If I did not try, I would have not known the results and learned which new skill I wanted. For instance, when I started to learn computer skills, I was scared that I might break it so I wanted to give up learning. However, my father insisted that I had to try to overcome my fear of computers. Eventually, I did it and this skill has benefited me; moreover, I can use this skill to help other people solve computers problems.

Due to my father’s encouragement has become my belief it trying everything without fear causes people to have more new skills and experiences. Therefore, I decided to study abroad and visited different cities in the United States. I wanted to have a different life. In fact, I was a little scared in the beginning; however, I told myself that I should do it without fear. Depending on this belief, I have been studying here for seven months, and I have visited New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Detroit during this period. Moreover, these experiences make me confirm my belief that people can gain new skills as long as they try everything without fearing failure.