This i believe

adrian - austin, Texas
Entered on April 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe…

I believe motivation is the key to success. Motivation is our fuel, our energy, and our dedication that helps us follow through with a certain task and establish what we want to achieve. Motivation is what drives us, the given strength to the mind that keeps us going. Motivation leads you far in life. When an event becomes hard to overcome, and things feel like there falling apart slowly, motivation dedicates you to that given task, Giving you strength something like an adrenaline rush, pushing you forward until it brings out the best effort In you that has been there all along.

I believe Motivation leads you far in a positive direction in life. Shielding you from every difficult task life throws at you, keeping you going allowing you to take that next step forward.

Ask me how I know all this? I have a brother who joined the marines. He tells me of all the hard events they go through, the obstacles they must conquer to be able to be called a marine. Some events including being locked in gas chambers, taking mile hikes up mountains with pounds of gear strapped around your back, and being sprayed in the eyes with a substance stronger than pepper spray while being expected to complete certain amount of obstacles. He has been through it all and experienced a lot, but he got through all this and gave it his best effort. And there were many times I would wonder how he can go through all that while being so far from home, so far from every one he knows. I wondered what kept him strong and inspired him. But he tells me the thing that keeps him going, what leads him every step of the way, is Waking up everyday motivated and ready for what is up next. Motivation has taken my brother a great distance in his life and gave him that strength that guided him towards all he has achieved. He was the one that showed me what motivation is all about. The things we can get past, to let it lead us and to carry on with what we want in life.

I believe you can get almost anywhere, and accomplish almost anything that comes your way as long as you stay motivated and let it lead you every moment of the way. Motivation takes you great places; it’s not only about wanting to achieve something and then just going for it, we all know everything is easier said then done. If you want to achieve anything in life, its all about having heart, believing in yourself and letting it motivate you and know that you can do it. To stay motivated is too have that extra boost past the finish line.

If I want to accomplish anything in life, no matter how hard it is, best believe I’m going to do it, because I will have motivation and for this I believe, and would hope you should too.