Modest is the Hottest

Charalyn - Layton, Utah
Entered on April 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in being modest.

When I was in ninth grade my dad always seemed to get after me for some of the clothes I would wear. He’d tell me my shirt was too low; I’d counter by telling him it was just fine because you couldn’t see anything. He’ d then proceed to tell me that maybe you couldn’t see anything when I was standing upright but when I bent over it was a different story. He told me that boys think differently than girls and by wearing those types of clothes I’d attract the wrong kind of guy. Being the young teenager I was, and knowing everything, I was just annoyed by his counsel and paid little attention to him at the time.

In tenth grade I began realizing the truth of my dad’s words. My integrity began to grow as I came to respect myself more. I did not want to show my body off to the world and in turn be considered “slutty.” I especially didn’t want to be the girl that ends up getting used by guys because she looks easy. As a result of this, I gradually started to be more modest and careful about the clothes I wore.

One day I got an email from a good guy friend of mine telling me that the shirt that I had worn that day at school showed more than I probably wanted it to show when I bent over. At first my pride was hurt and I felt stupid, but then as I thought about it I felt an immense amount of gratitude. First of all, he had realized that I was trying to be modest and he just wanted to let me know that the shirt I had worn didn’t measure up to my standards. Secondly, he reminded me to be more mindful of the “bend-over rule.” Lastly, he was truly being a good friend by telling me, instead of just gossiping behind my back.

As I have grown up I have watched girls use short skirts or low shirts to attract guys. Sure this may work, but think about the kind of guys they usually get; they are usually the guys that want action and don’t care about them. Then they end up getting “used, abused and kicked to the curb.” They degrade themselves and their worth.

I am ever so grateful to have a wonderful dad and great friends that have helped me keep my integrity and act like the daughter of God that I am. In a world filled with slutty celebrities and porn that is available at the click of a mouse, I’m so thankful for those beautiful girls and women that have the integrity to be modest and have set a good example for me to follow. Modesty may not be the popular thing but that just makes it all the more desirable. There is great truth in the statement, “modest is the hottest.”