Their Sacrifices

Alanah - SHELLEY, Idaho
Entered on April 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in my parents’ sacrifices.

“No, Mom, I’m okay. I’ve got plenty of food I don’t need any money,” I said soothingly to my Mother over the telephone.

“Alanah Muir, don’t you lie to me!”

Apparently my attempt at soothing hadn’t helped. “I know Mom, I promise I’ll call you if I need something. I love you Mom.” I replied not really wanting to hang up.

“I love you to. I’ll call tomorrow,” She replied still not convinced that I was telling her the whole truth.

Hanging up the phone I looked sadly at the cupboard full of Ramen. “Yeah, I’ve got plenty of food,” I spoke to myself walking into my bedroom and picking up the books that were scattered across the floor. It was time to get some homework done.

My parents have always supported me, encouraged me, and helped me. But I never really noticed how much they have done for me until this past year; my first year at college. My parents decided that they would pay for my college education because they know how important it is.

My parents know this because they both had to go back to school later in their lives. When I was eight, my brother, Jonathan, was seven and my sister, Rebekah was three, my Dad went back to school. When he had completed his four years of higher education my mother decided to return to school. She received her degree the year before I graduated from high school. While I will never regret my parents’ decision to get a higher education, I know they feel that they missed a lot of our growing up years and they don’t want that to happen to my future family.

My parents also know how hard it is to live with the debt of student loans and they don’t want that for me. So my parents will scrimp and save every penny; they will work overtime and have an extra job just to help me pay for my education. This has brought my parents and I so much closer and it has also made my education that much more important, because it was a sacrifice.