Education is the Course

Nathan - Crossfield, Canada
Entered on April 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in education.

I believe in the many days of being awakened by the annoying sound of the alarm clock, only to rapidly press the snooze button for an extra ten minutes of glorious sleep. Finally, as I manage to drag myself out of bed and onto the cold tile floor of the bathroom, I begin to see the sink and faucets more clearly. My eyes start to adjust to the light, and the figure that I see in the mirror becomes better and better looking as I prepare for the day ahead. I change into my typical outfit of jeans and a T-shirt, and head up stairs for the “absolutely necessary” meal to start my day off right. I believe in my mother constantly telling me, “HURRY UP NATHAN!” in order to get me on that hunk of tin called a bus, where all of the other kids are miserable as well.

I believe in starting off slow in elementary school, where the work is easy and it just seems to be one big party. I go to school every day to learn the basics of math and science along with the other subjects, such as Art and P.E., which are “necessary” for me to learn. I believe in scary old ladies that frighten me into being quiet in class. I do not dare raise my voice at the inappropriate time because of the accompanying consequence of sitting at the front of class. Here, I would be right under the long, crooked, witch-like nose of Mrs. G, and would be constantly watched by her creepy grey eyes.

I believe in high school where we are practically forced to attend. I believe in graduating after many years of boring homework and stressful tests. I get a spiffy new suit to impress all those who are in attendance to witness my glorious day of commencement. I believe in the celebration that accompanies this splendid ceremony.

I believe in leaving high school, only to jump right back into my studies. The college life is much more fun but also much harder than high school. I believe in spending countless hours at the library doing homework and studying for the many important tests. I enjoy putting in the time to learn new and interesting things, such as entropy and equilibrium. I feel that the purpose of life is to be continuously learning. I believe in thinking, “What did I get myself into?” after the first day of class, but at the same time being excited for the long road ahead full of commitment and hard work.

I believe in becoming what I set out to be, and contributing to society. I believe in gaining a valuable education which contributes to my health. I believe in gaining enough education to be able to support myself and family. I believe in developing a good work ethic throughout my years of education, so I can accomplish every goal I set. I believe in education.