natural greatness

Michael - USA
Entered on April 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: humanism

I believe that humanity is inherently good. That we were all created with good intentions, and to be good people. That somewhere out there, behind all the shadows of violence and crime, people want to do good deeds.

When I was in third grade, my family and I went to London, England for vacation. While we were there we came across many homeless people on the streets who would beg for money. Some people would give them money, and others would walk by. Pedestrians were afraid that if they gave the beggars money, they may not actually be beggars, however in contrast, if they didn’t give the beggars money they felt this sense of guilt. One day, we were walking down the streets and we saw almost a crowd of people. Everyone was huddled around this broke, homeless man with a big shaggy beard. As we strolled up to the man, everyone was talking in amazement. Amazement of what? In front of the poor man were drawings that he had created himself. These were the most intricate drawings I had ever seen. One of London Bridge, another of the Eiffel Tower, there were four of them in all. The incredible aspect was that he had created these drawings with Pastels on the sidewalk. His name was Anthony, and he wrote a back-story about himself on the pavement next to his art.

After reading what Anthony had been through, nobody could turn and walk away. Coin after coin dropped in front of him as sympathy washed over the crowd and filled their hearts. Everyone wanted to help Anthony. Everyone wanted to assist Anthony in his quest to become an artist. Everyone wanted the best for Anthony. This good nature that we all naturally have was made so apparent by one person’s struggles.

I believe that we all just want to help others. As much as selfishness, greed, and envy get in the way, we were born to be brothers and sisters to each other. Sometimes we get in the way of what we were created to do, and how we were created to function. But there will always be people out there to show us how great we can all be, and why what we were truly made for, to do good deeds for each other.