I Believe in Living Life to the Fullest

Catherine - 31522, Georgia
Entered on April 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that life is like a map, each decision made (path chosen in the fork in the road) leads me to another place in my life. I believe that each of those decisions send me down a path that steers me through my life and the roads I will travel, while mapping out my life, eventually ending to leave me with my eternal life in heaven. I consider all of my many beliefs to be summed up by my most important belief. I believe in living life to the fullest each and everyday and being the best person I can possibly be while making the best of my life on earth; I live my belief by gaining and learning from my downtimes and mistakes and blocking out negativity and sadness to remain positive and happy.

I believe that if I choose a path that leads me to make a mistake or leaves me with a conflict, I can choose another path that will send me back on track. Before choosing that new path, I believe that I can learn, grow, and gain from the downtime in my life. I believe that nobody is perfect, and that mistakes should be used as lesson to teach perfection of any particular area of flaw. If I did not ever learn from the mistakes that I make in my life, I would only become more confused. I believe in not viewing mistakes as complete disappointment, but rather recognizing that I can learn and gain from my mistakes and then forget about it. Everyone has their own personal flaws, and everyone will make mistakes and bad decisions in their life. I believe each mistake has a purpose to teach a lesson.

I believe that every person will have to face negativity and sadness in his or her life. I believe that the most important part in keeping a positive attitude and remaining a happy person is to block out those negative things. Life is not always good to us, but that does not mean that we cannot be happy. I believe that a person is always thinking positively and overcoming all wretchedness will be happy and full of strength. During previous times in my life when I have been sad, thinking about one possible way that the situation could be good was what helped me become happy. I believe that no matter how bad it seems at certain times, life should be happy and no person is without ability to achieve personal happiness and contentment.

I believe that my most important belief is to live life to the fullest because I apply this belief to my life each and every day. I believe that life is a gift. I want to make the best of the time that I will spend my life on earth, creating memories and personal relations that will last forever. My belief is not only a personal belief, but it is also the “key to a happy life.”