I Believe in Tea

Nigel - Brunswick, Georgia
Entered on April 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Nigel J

I Believe in Tea

I believe in Tea. Tea may sound like a trivial thing to believe in, but tea has united people for centuries, and is a big part of my life. Every meal, I want to drink sweet tea. Sweet tea is my favorite drink because it tastes sweet rather than bitter, like hot tea and unsweetened tea. Also I have lived in the south all of my life, and sweet tea is a very southern thing. Sweet tea is my favorite drink, but there are also other forms of tea such as hot tea, iced tea, and unsweetened tea. Each of these teas is native to an area on the globe.

The most popular form of tea is hot tea. This form of tea became most popular in England, where there is a certain time of day where people gather and drink tea. People would sit around a table, talk, and drink tea. One hot day, a king decided he did not want hot tea, so he added ice to it, therefore there was iced tea. This form of tea is most popular in the northern United States as well as parts of Florida.

My favorite kind of tea is sweet tea. Sweet tea originated in the south when someone added sugar to their tea, creating tea that was not bitter, but “sweet”. I have grown up drinking sweet tea all of my life and it is part of my society. I love sweet tea so much that it has almost become an addiction where I must have sweet tea, any time I can have it. The many variations of tea make it a unique drink.

Tea has not only united people socially, but it has also caused revolutions. The taxes on tea were one of the causes of the American Revolution. The cost of tea, a necessity in the American colonies, caused people to revolt and pour thousands of pounds of it into the Boston Harbor. Tea was a social connection and a cultural one.

Tea shows how different regions of people have the same interests in flavor, very much like how different regions make different kinds of food. England like hot tea, the northern United States and Florida like unsweetened tea, and the Deep South likes sweet tea. This may show that southerners have a sweet tooth, while northerners may not like sweet flavors as much.

Tea also has an emotional aspect to it. People who like sweet tea may be more outgoing rather than a person who likes unsweetened tea. People who prefer hot tea over iced tea may have a more soothing behavior, just like the tea’s temperature. Sweet tea gives my whole body a good feeling as I drink it because of the flavor. It is a flavor that no other drink has ever provided.

Tea certainly has united people both socially and emotionally. It was one of the factors in the American Revolution, the war that gave America its freedom. Sweet tea has played a big role in my life, and other forms of tea have played big roles in other people’s lives. Tea is certainly the greatest drink in the world, and that is what I believe in.