Mikaela - Berwyn, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that people cannot be figured out. The world is so diverse, and it is not made up of groups of similar people; it is made up of individuals that are all different and unique. When a person starts to categorize and bunch masses of people into neat little boxes so as to understand them more clearly, they end up diminishing the individuality of each person. Yes, I believe that progression is essential. It is what humans were put on this earth to do. We are supposed to try to understand the world; however, the people that make up the world cannot be figured out. Scientists can study the laws of gravity, artists can study paint strokes, musicians can study chord progressions, but sociologists cannot study humans.

In ninth grade, I was asked to write an essay that attempted to categorize the world into two different groups. Imagine that. Fitting 6 billion and some odd people into two separate categories that would completely define each person and leave no one out. I thought about the assignment for a long time. I then decided to craft an essay that expressed my skepticism. I made the two groups as “people who think the world can be categorized into two groups and people who appreciate that this is not possible.” The teacher was confused by my essay. I am not a particularly rebellious student; I usually follow assignments very carefully. He gave me an A and said it was creative.

Ever since then, I have been convinced that many of the world’s problems could be solved if everyone could just accept the fact that defining people into categories does not help anything. Even separating people into race does not work. Some people are a mix of everything and do not belong in just one race. I believe that the only way to divide up the world is into 6 billion and some odd groups- one for each person. Sure, there are some categories that exist that might break the world down, but why is that necessary? Once people are separated, then they are judged. The only possible separation of humankind is into fingerprints, 6 billion and some odd fingerprints.