The Gift of Friendship

Ashley - Berwyn, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Humans are, by nature, selfish and conceited. To find another human being who is willing to be there for you and love you for who you are is extremely rare. It’s so rare, in fact, it might never be attainable. It doesn’t happen every day; yet that is what makes it so special. True friendship is what I’m talking about. To find a friendship in which your companion has no ulterior motive is as impossible as finding an arrowhead in your backyard…pretty impossible, unless there is that one in a million chance your garden houses the bodies of deceased Cherokee warriors.

True friendship is like reaching for the brightest twinkling star in the sky on a foggy night. It glitters and shines, its sparkling arms reaching down, its beauty seeping through the haze to the world below. Everyone gapes in awe. Everyone leaps at the chance to take hold, yet nobody is quite so divine. Everyone is too human…manipulative, deceitful, fraudulent. If we weren’t, we would cease to be human. Our flaws make us who we are, yet prevent us from experiencing the true nature of camaraderie. And so, if we as humans are so fallacious, how can we be selfless and giving enough to achieve the gift of love?

The only way to achieve true friendship is put faith in your companion. This I believe. Faith is, after all, the highest form of love. True friendship is just another idea that needs faith to exist…like God, or world peace. True friendship is the reason we were put on this Earth. It is against our nature, and that is exactly the point: to overcome our instincts and replace our intrinsic suspicions with trust. Without trusting our fellow man, we are just a bunch of flies in the sticky and inescapable web of life, waiting for the giant black spider known as death to sink her fangs into our delicate flesh. With faith in each other, we may not escape the hardships of mortality…but at least we will be in good company.