Fairy Tale Ending

Andrea - Wayne, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I love Disney movies. We all know how they go: the predictable plot, the beautiful girl, the prince who comes to her rescue, and the happily ever after. However predictable the story may be, it never grows old. The movies are timeless classics that I could watch twenty times a day and never tire of. However, every movie is the same; whether it is the mermaid who dreamed of walking on land, the village girl who was destined for an enchanted castle and a prince in disguise, the princess who was whisked through the air on a magic carpet, the servant girl who lost a glass slipper, or the princess who was awakened by a kiss, they are all about true love.

Ever since I was little, I have wanted a fairy tale of my own. I wanted to grow up to be the beautiful girl. I wanted to happen upon my prince one day. I wanted to be the damsel in distress. I wanted to see my prince coming to my rescue. I wanted him to save me and I wanted to finally get my true love’s kiss.

Although I grew to learn that the likely hood of becoming a princess is very slim, I realized something. I realized this childhood dream is still a part of me today. I realized I believe in true love.

My sister is my firsthand example of true love. We moved to Denver, Colorado when she was in 7th and I was in 1st. Two boys lived next door, one a year older than me and the other the same age as my sister. When my sister and Scott first met, they knew they liked each other. Over two years their like grew to love, well love that 8th graders are capable of. We moved when she started high school, but they stayed in touch. They went to college together and are now getting married. From then on, I knew I wanted to find true love.

I moved to Oklahoma in 8th grade and went to a private school. There, I had my first boyfriend, which was a typical eighth 8th grade relationship, shy and reserved. It lasted 4 months and we moved on. The next year, we realized that we still liked each other and we dated again. I then moved to Pennsylvania, but I knew that my heart was and still is his. We did not start a long distance relationship because of the hardship involved. We have gone through challenges including not seeing each other for months at a time and our friends telling us to move on. We have experienced loneliness and uncertainty. I am not convinced that he is my true love, but I have never ruled out the possibility. I know that I will find my prince and I know he will come when I need him the most. I am determined to have my happily ever after and who knows, maybe I will become a princess.