That this too too sullied flesh

Harry - Wayne, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

We all need a nice, hot shower. This I believe. Too often do many of my contemporaries neglect their hygienic duties, and come into school smelling like a steaming bowl of bean dip. There’s something about the average high school student that resists the idea of showering every day. Whether it’s the athlete that warmed up with the team but was benched for the game, or the honor student up doing homework in the far reaches of the morning; my nostrils can attest that the pungent aroma that normally haunts only the most back alley Mexican restaurants lurks within every social corner of high school.

There exist several breeds of smelly teens, and they all make up the giant, unwashed conglomerate known as the “odor order.” The first and most noticeable of these fumy fiends is the grease-ball. The grease-ball will walk through the halls and hope nobody notices the unnatural sheen given off by their hair, or that their colleagues will mistake their natural oils for some designer product. The second, the stink-bomb. Usually a contact sport athlete, the stink-bomb lives a life of peaceful ignorance, unaware of its stench and unperturbed by the wrinkling of society’s collective nose. The third and final odor order member is the most clandestine enemy of the cleanly. That’s right, the hidden enemy of the hygienic…the nasty ninjas. This sneaky breed wears loose fitting long sleeved clothing and tons of deodorant to hide its shame. Be wary of those who don’t take showers every day, for they live among us like spies.

I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t shower every day. A shower is a relief, a cleansing of the superficial. There’s nothing more satisfying than the quick rush of satisfaction attained from dipping sandy feet into a pool and lifting them out clean. Even in Judaism, water is used to gain purity in a ritual called a Mikvah. Taking a shower is the most relaxing part of my day, and the idea that someone would bypass it renders me utterly perplexed. Bathing is the most cleansing and therapeutic activity available. Even playwrights such a Tennessee Williams use bathing as a motif. In Streetcar Named Desire , Blanche bathes continuously to rid her soul of guilt. The possibilities are endless. I’d even go so far as to say that if everybody were to take a shower every day, crime rates and suicides would decrease significantly. Bathing has the power to make this world a better place. This, I believe.