Time for Ones Self

Katrina - Sea Island, Georgia
Entered on April 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Time for Ones Self

In a world filled with billions of people it is hard for me to imagine how I can be different from the many people around me, how I distinguishes myself from so many others. It then became obvious to me that it is my person beliefs which shape morals, personal identity and individual life stimulating my individuality. In addition to traditions, ideas, and religious beliefs instilled in me from the time I was born I have developed other beliefs that help hand daily life. One of which is the belief of the importance of alone time and self reflection which has allowed me to maintain health, reflect on life, and develop person identity

Whether it is dealing with painful family tragedies or stressful situations of every day life a quite moment to my self has helped me maintain emotional and mental sanity. Balancing sports, music, chores, grades, and adolescent drama became a daunting task which seldom left me with the opportunity for friends let alone me. With the many activities and responsibilities coincided with approaching adulthood and my constant need for perfection I had many times found myself overwhelm and stressed. This stress and anxiety lead to many sleepless nights and painful headaches. When I realized that these trivial matters were no where near as important as my health I began taking small amounts of the day for myself, sitting outside on my hammock, listening to music, or taking a bath. These simple activities most of the time lasting no more then twenty minutes where an effective way of escaping the stress and problems of life making a dramatic improvement on my all-around health.

Unlike the world around me these moments of self reflection force me to confront myself and in doing so I have made many important life decisions. Sever years ago as I began my first year of middle school I was still trapped in the ignorance of youth, oblivious to the responsibilities ahead of me. As I entered high school and failed my first test for lake of studying I sat down and contemplated the consequences of my actions. The failure to study resulted in a less then adequate grade, lowering my GPA. At that point I made the decision that I would do the best academically as I could and strive for the best college, keeping all of my options open. The many moments of life reflect of decisions have farther lead to the decision of going into pre-med and many more life altering choices.

The moments of alone time have also assisted in the development of personal identity. As I deal with the complicated process of growing up I am constantly faced with the question of who am I and what type of person will I become. It is in these moments of self reflection that result in instantaneous revelations such as what to do during the summer and more important subjects regarding political and religious beliefs. All alone there is no hiding from my true self. There is no hiding behind a superficial persona trying to be somebody who others want me to be and who I am not. There are only my qualities: the good, the bad, and the ugly. During these times I have learned to understand who I am and what I stand for, allowing me to except myself.

As I continue to develop new outlooks on life and all it has to offer I look forward to the day by experiences will allow me to develop new beliefs but the belief in the importance of alone time and self reflection I will always preserve. In these moments which I take for myself when I need to make important life choices or simply take time for myself are a curtail part of my daily routine. They are my essence the reasons for my continues success and my morality, the purist forms of myself and therefore make me an individual.