I Believe in Helping People

Samantha - Wayne, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

As said by Senator John Kerry, “I refuse to stand by while our democracy is trampled by politicians more concerned about amassing power than helping the people who sent them to Washington in the first place.” I agree with him fully. I believe in helping people. Nothing would be accomplished in the nation and in the world if everyone, more than they are now, was egocentric and greedy about every issue and every discovery. It is essential to help those who are less fortunate because ultimately, the population as a whole would benefit.

As a young child, I would walk through the city streets with fear in my eyes and a feeling of distrust in my stomach. I was scared of the men and women living in poverty because I was not used to the lifestyle they portrayed. I would grab onto my dad’s hand as much as I could, and I would never let go. I always thought these were scary people who would try to hurt me. Obviously, this was a misconception.

I am embarrassed for the way I thought as a child, and now, as a seventeen year old, my views have changed. These people living on the streets are not scary and are just trying to get by. Why would they want to hurt me? The only thing I can think of is because I, personally, have not taken a stand to stick up for their place in society and have not tried to create a sense of equality and balance. It is not their fault the streets are their home, it is society’s.

I believe the rich should give back to the community. There is no need to drive the most expensive car around and, when you go into the city to work, see that not everyone lives the wonderful, reassuring life you do. But how can you think yourself successful when society does not benefit? Giving to charity and helping less fortunate people around the world helps humankind. I will be pleased when the poverty rates are lowered and when the bar for the essentials of living is raised. Today, when I walk through the city streets I do not think of hiding and suspicion, but as a matter of fact, I walk through the streets with a sense of guilt and astonishment that these people get through all the hardships the world throws at them and they still seem to wear a smile.