Emily - Chester Springs, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

There have been many instances in my life where I began to believe that things were so devastating that the world would crumble from under my feet. What I have come to realize, especially in the last two years is that no matter how miserable the situation may be, I have the ability to handle it, and everything will get better.

In September of my sophomore year of high school, I found out that my father was diagnosed with Prostate cancer. I tucked the idea into the dark, untouched crevices of my brain, where it remained until several months later. By this point, my Dad had gone through surgery and begun radiation treatment. On the way home from a friend’s house, it suddenly struck me that my father was truly suffering and that his illness was very serious. This epiphany sent me into a whirlwind of fear, tears and fury. It didn’t help that I was struggling through two very difficult AP classes and barely had enough time to juggle sports and clubs on top of everything else. At that time it seemed as though circumstances were getting more and more difficult to deal with. Little did I know that a few months later my father, although not fully recovered, would be feeling better. I also ended up doing well in my classes and was able to recover from a mild case of sleep deprivation. Although things weren’t perfect, they were significantly better, and that was what mattered at the time.

There are other times where it seems as if there is just so much to do and not nearly enough time to do it. Being a student with challenging, high-level classes, the daily workload is usually ample, but manageable. However, there are days when my after school activities, sports, homework, and family obligations seem to take a heavy toll. For instance, when I have an athletic competition that is an hour away, I don’t arrive home until after seven o’clock. With 4 or 5 hours of homework hanging over me like a menacing storm cloud, I can feel my anxiety increasing steadily. These days are extremely stressful and it doesn’t help that I am a naturally high-strung, anxiety-prone person. What I never recognize at the time is that the following morning, although incredibly exhausted and a little dazed, I would be completely done with my assignments and everything would return to it’s normal, semi-chaotic schedule.

My belief is fairly simple. I believe that things truly will turn out okay in the end.One must believe in one’s ability to handle difficult situations in order to manage them successfully.