I Believe in the World Created by Music

Phillip - Wayne, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

As I sit on my black cushion behind my drum set overlooking my two best friends playing there instruments, glorious music swirls in a vibrations all around us. Sometimes I get lost in the music, thankfully. My whole world stops, my day is put on halt, and I can breathe. I can open my eyes to a new world filled with rhythms, melodies, and occasional mess ups, where messing up is okay. Finding happiness and comfort in each hectic and demanding day that society imposes on us, is essential to living an enjoyable life. This brief moment of pleasure comes when I enter into the new world that emerges from music. I believe in the world created by music.

When I play music, I have control in everything I do. Whereas my daily life is mundane and anticlimactic, I can make my life in the world of music be as exciting and eventful as I desire. All I have to do is communicate with the other musicians about the direction I wish to take the song, and then we build it up together. I begin to gradually play faster and louder, allowing my drum sticks to fly gracefully through the air. At last comes the moment we had been eluding to the entire build up, the climax of the song. This is a time of sheer joy and my physical and mental being transcend into a new world. My body sways back and forth, following the lead of the vibrations messaging my feet. My mind becomes a blank slate; it exists in a state of rebirth, taking in only the positive light. All troubles and worries from the past world and life are gone. This is the world of music.

Although, this is the world I most frequently go to, it is only one of the worlds that music can create. When playing music, there are countless different approaches you can take. Each approach is determined by what kind of world the musician wishes to escape to. If one’s everyday life, is filled with happiness and everything is always “just perfect”, they may desire a world with a more melancholy feeling to it. The wonderful thing about the world of music is that it exists only as long as the musician who created it wants it to. Because songs usually only lasts a few minutes, for most musicians, this new world is just a breath of air before they have to go back under the water and live out the rest of the day in their real world. If the gloomy world becomes overwhelming, it can disappear as easily as dropping the guitar pick or setting down the drum sticks.

The world I venture into through music allows me to get past the troubles and difficulties presented each and every day, and for that, I am thankful.